Veggie Food/Comfort Food

If you are anything like me you where probably raised on veggie food. I have never eaten meet and quite frankly I don’t feel the need to. In the Adventist community people who are vegetarian tend to eat a lot of canned veggie food. If you go to a retreat or really anything that might feed you I could pretty much guaranty that you will eat some kind of veggie food wile your there if not for every meal.

So here is the question of the hour; do the words Big Franks, Tender Bits, FriChik, or Little Links mean anything to you? If so than you have probably tasted the goodness of our highly processed highly sought after over priced soy beans. If you haven’t well you probably weren’t’ raised on it so you’ll probably think they are gross. These foods really aren’t comparable to meat though they are “imitation” meat so if you try it thinking its going to be similar you will be greatly disappointed. They are in a league all there own!

My personal favorite is the Big Frank, it is a larger dog and is heavy on the seasonings. The problem is that it is one of the more processed of the meats so my poor digestive system doesn’t always appreciate it. I am a little low on the stomach acid so the more processed the food is the harder it is for me to digest it is definitely a comfort foods so I still eat it. I know shame on me. Someday maybe I’ll learn.


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