Attempting to Eat Food

For the love of a delicious plate of Mexican food!

So you know when you ask how big the plate is going to be and the lady is like “oh its not that big” Ya don’t believe her. A friend and I went out to eat the other night and as “responsible” humans we each ordered our own food. I was hungry but not too hungry so I asked the kind waitress how big the meal was going to be. She of course responded with encouraging words like “oh its not that big” and “it’ll be fine”. I guess I looked like I could eat more than I actually can because I kid you not the plate she brought was higher than my laptop. The thing was huge! I took one look at that thing and thought “this is going to be no easy feet.” Needles to say I had a stomach ache for the rest of the night and quite honestly I didn’t get hungry till lunch the next day. But hey I’m an american and we laugh in its face of a plate full of food. Right? No we just get a doggie bag.

Stay cool, God bless, and don’t eat too much 🙂


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