Cleaning Out Your Closet

As the light of spring comes in this year I find myself noticing how messy and cultured my room is. I have clothes strewn all over the floor and gadgets and gismos in every corner. There is a pile of books here and a stack of papers there. It can start to be a little overwhelming if you let it. So My tip for the fist stage of your cleaning has to do with that huge pile of clothes in front of your closet.20160522_142234-01.jpeg

Take all your spring where that hangs in your closet and turn the hangers around. Every time you put a clean shirt back in your closet turn the hanger back to the right way.

20160522_142320-01.jpegIt won’t take long before it will be very evident what you are actually wearing and whats just taking up valuable real-estate. This is also something I do because I have a very small closet.

Take all of my off season clothing and put them in a box or bin.

I don’t take everything but there are some articles of clothing you just won’t be wearing unless it is the middle of winter or August. I put theses in boot boxes because they seem to be the perfect size!

You may have a different kind of box but this is what works for me.


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